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Arden Educational Consulting is an educational consulting practice committed to helping students of all backgrounds and abilities find the educational environment where they can best become who they want to be. Navigating the college admissions process can be a daunting task, filled with conflicting information, anxiety and confusing steps. We strive to help students and families focus on finding the right fit for their student. We systematically support students and parents through this journey guiding the student to be more confident, self-aware, and engaged in their education.

Kate decided to officially launch Arden Education after nearly two decades working in a diverse set of educational experiences at the middle, secondary and university levels. She has taught history and religion in England and the US, at private, East Coast institutions and at public universities in Kansas.

Dr. Kate’s primary role as a professor has been coupled with private tutoring in standardized tests, Latin and math and she has successfully coached a Math Counts team to 6 regional individual wins and a 5th Place team in the Kansas State Competition in 2016. Dr. Kate also works with Avery Education tutoring math online.

During her time teaching at the university level in Kansas, Dr. Kate also volunteered as a Harvard alumna to interview prospective students and worked as a liaison between local schools and Harvard admissions. Dr. Kate graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Syracuse University, was a visiting student at Oxford University, holds an MTS from Harvard, 1999, and earned a PhD from the University of Manchester in England in 2004. She completed a fellowship at Catholic University of America.

Dr. Kate is a professional member of IECA and a member of HECA. Certificate in Educational Consulting from UC Irvine.

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