College Advising

At Arden Education we work with families to find the best fit college for each student and family. Through comprehensive packages, we support students in each phase of the admissions process, from discussions and surveys with the student and family to identify the types of schools that will best fit the students academically and socially, to discussing course choices and tests schedules, to filling in applications and revising essays and supplemental essays. Through step- by-step guidance, we take the stress and confusion out of the college admissions process and aid the student in identifying their goals and becoming a self-advocate for reaching those goals.

We offer comprehensive packages for all types of students, from those looking for learning supports to those navigating portfolios and auditions to those striving to find the right top-tier institution to meet their academic aspirations.

Arden Education also offers a la carte packages for specific college admissions needs. See our essay assistance page and tutoring packages.

The college admissions process is a wonderful journey for students and their families. We look forward to supporting you on this journey.

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